In a disturbing world dominated by almighty conglomerates and flooded by a continuous stream of easy-to-chew myths and lies, a group of young outcasts are stubbornly resisting mediocrity rule.

Lead by a now missing orange monkey, they spend their nights creating new and excellent mind altering substances in a gritty underground warehouse on the outskirts of a small post-industrial town.

Bossuwe poster on the wall

Their state of the art malt based substances are designed to free the minds of the enslaved and engineered to offer much needed liquid courage to like-minded individuals in the struggle against the altered realities of the third industrial revolution. As their impact on the system increases in strength, so does their following and their resolve.
Free your pint and your glass will follow!

Bossuwe vans


  • Name: Tony
  • Position at the brewery: Monkey
  • Age: Probably not old enough.
  • Favorite drink: Lukewarm leftover beer
  • Favorite food: Other monkeys
  • Favorite weapon of mass destruction: Love
  • Favorite thing about the industry: The women
  • Current whereabouts: unknown
  • Relationship status: Multiple
Portrait of Tony