Malts: Pils, Rye, Vienna

Hops: Magnum, H. mittelfruh

ABV: 8% IBU: 40

SERVING TIPS: Gravity really does matter


  • 33clbottle

warning: The demon in your mind is dancing on the walls.


Tony knew very well that MOAB-O! didn't really exist. The Lab Rats at R&D made very sure of that. Afraid of party repercussions, they even burned all the white parts of the original black and white blueprints. But he was in no mood for propaganda. Two parts gin, two parts brandy, one part crème de menthe. The recipe was straighforward enough, and it gets anyone to talk. He sent an urgent e-mail to Marketing: "There is no spoon". Soon enough, the vacuum cleaner shipment got delivered. Everything was accounted for. He threw on his fedora, hid the slick, sharpened crowbar underneath his shiny monkey suit, and set out to take this one door-to-door. It was a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.

By the way, if you still have to make that phonecall, now's the time.