We are looking for a one man army


To spread the word and support our local frontline sales force

1. The One (m/f/x) we're looking for:

  • Good at improvisation and thinking on your feet
  • A serious level of tolerance, especially towards the consumption of beer
  • Very good knowledge of Dutch/French/English
  • Butch enough to carry a few crates, load up a van and deliver the goods
  • A history of getting the job done
  • A sense of humour

2. Also:

  • Some experience in something commercial, preferably in an actual business
  • An education
  • A valid B driver's license
  • Real computer skills
  • Modern communication and administration skills
  • Flexible attitude on working places and hours
  • Being stress-resistant
  • Reliable and loyal, upright and upstanding, a reputation beyond reproach and of an unquestionable personal integrity

3. A plus:

  • Based in or around the Kortrijk-area
  • Being out there and going above and beyond to take the road less traveled
  • An affinity with the effects of beer and its times and places of consumption
  • Being very stress-resistant
  • Occasional and often misunderstood revolutionary tendencies
  • Being one of the good guys (m/f/x)
  • A pioneering spirit
  • DIY-Mentality

4. A big plus

  • Having been around the block a few times
  • Previous experience with monkey business
  • Ability to keep your cool around rockstars
  • Getting away with things in a good way
  • Comfortable with permanent states of chaos
  • Getting us all backstage at Rolling Stones gigs
  • Being very, very stress-resistant
  • Good at bringing fires or at putting them out
  • Impervious to middle-lane driving and rush hour traffic
  • The ability to choose wisely between the red and the blue pill
  • Good with cutting-edge things and with bandages
  • Collecting World Champion titles
  • A pro at holding the other person's beer while they are off doing stuff

5. Definitely a plus

  • Ex-Special Forces or former Airborne Commando
  • An honorary PHD somewhere
  • Being very, very, very stress-resistant
  • Many, many years of successful and solid working experience at one and the same respectable employer while still remaining open-minded, ambitious, positive, hungry, passionate, unspoiled, fresh and efficient
  • In-depth knowledge of Sanskrit
  • The ability to safely remove a guy's (m/f/x) appendix with a grapefruit spoon

6. Probably not a plus

  • You name it.

What we are offering

A chance to join our dirty dozen in taking on the forces of darkness in a legal way! Also, a pretty good salary, on-the-job training, enormous growth potential and some other swanky stuff.


Send all your applications, fan mail and letters of love and praise to:
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