Behind the Kettle: Bomb-Out!, Tony's got it going on!

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At Bossuwé Brewing, we like to keep things classy.

A lot has been written about the levelling effects of a proper bomb-out. Rye makes for a powerful ally in a multipolar taproom, with crisp American yeasts and sensual German hops adding a rather dry punchline to this slightly misguided transatlantic olfactory alliance.

So anyway... we're here, we're beer, get used to it!

Some people might tell you that Tony created this first recipe after having survived a serious case of mid-winter midnight Polish-hot-dogs-and-way-too-many-beers-induced indigestion in that glorious metropolis on the banks of Lake Michigan for the third time in a row somewhere last year.

Others claim that the origins of this delightfully dry, floral and crisp rye ale can be found in the creator’s stubborn refusal of mind-numbing mediocrity and stringent uniformity. Determined to broaden this beer’s horizon, Tony deliberately developed a delicate equilibrium of noble German ingredients and bashful American abundance in a traditionally innovative Belgian brewing kettle.

All we really know, is that Tony was seen leaving the office a few days ago carrying nothing but a cordless vacuum cleaner and his favourite crow bar.


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