Behind the Kettle: The origins of Betty B.

Thanks to Tony's mom, Agata Smok, for these explosive visuals!

The Bomb-out bombed out, meet Betty B.! This feisty Japanese old lady left her squadron to shove vaguely Asian refreshing summer delights all the way down ya! Get ready for plenty of dryish rice, greenish Sorachi Ace, and plenty more rice. Also more rice. And Sorachi. Rice. Kampai!

Tony has fond memories of his eastern triplet cousins. Even though they lost -respectively- the ability to hear, see and speak during an unsuccessful run as a freelance kamikaze-bomber crew, they quickly gained notoriety as specialist brewers. They were amongst the first to chemically isolate the particle responsible for imparting the dryness in dry humour, and consecutively followed-up by re-designing the controlled-flavour-infiltration-technology of good taste in beer. Their pioneering knowledge and priceless insights have since found their way into billions of hectoliters of delicate, dry, crisp, flavourful and refreshing Japanese rice beers. Through the innovative use of crowd funding platforms, they eventually managed to pay off their gambling debts before retiring to a blissful state of sepuku.

So anyway, long story short, nothing better than a pretty light, super-pale, bone-dry, crisp, hard, ricey, wheaty, hoppy, well-balanced, vegetal, adventurous, greenish and refreshing unfiltered lager-ale-lager-hybrid-ale to gently dehydrate your way through the various stages and challenges of a modern summerly existence. Also, it's beer. Get it here!

Thanks to Tony's mom, Agata Smok, for these explosive visuals!


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