Behind the Kettle: The origins of PANDAAP

Tony really loved to hang out at that old villa on the banks of the golden river. He even wrote some of his most illustrious beer poems there. Considering the difficulty that writing can pose for a monkey's paw, we were all very impressed. Later, of course, we found out he just typed it. But it did not in the least diminish the nearly mystical appeal it held to us back then.

Yet nothing lasts foverer. Suddenly, a giant, strong-willed panda bear showed up on stage. It wasted no time in his quest for joyful establishment-challenging. Tony felt much obliged to leave the comfort of his reclining armchair, and animalistically joined in the chant. Only a few weeks later, a freshly smiling PANDAAP was spotted parading around the Kortrijk Conservatorium.

A troubled, shiny blonde hybrid creature that will tantalize your nerve endings with only the most gentle touches of brutal bitterness. A cool concoction of pure bliss that will just mildly intoxicate you. A velvet glove of delicate purity and precision. Also a beer. And it will even go down in ya. PANDAAP!


Engelse Wandeling 2 K8K

8500 Kortrijk

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