Behind the kettle: the origins of I-PITS-A!

A very, very loud auditive breeze came oozing out of the bubbling mixture. The Senior Lab Rat was radiating: "By carefully distilling the toilet water and blending it with finely grated floor scrapings, we have obtained the perfect level of acridity required for this special brew. The basement funghi also offer an increasingly broad flavor spectrum, something of the kind we could never achieve with hops. Just imagine, the essence of rock 'n roll just growing on the walls!"

Lab Rat was getting ahead of himself. In the meantime, Tony was staring absently though the hatches of the board room bunker, using a crowbar to scratch his lower back. He never liked these monday morning meetings. His mind was still with that gorgeous vacuum cleaner he bought over the weekend. Great form, and totally cordless. Lab Rat continued his madness: "We could age the stuff inside blown-out guitar amps, or even on empty oil barrels!" Tony was rather unimpressed and mumbled out: "Bellyaching and barrel-aging. Like some modern Diogenes." He liked the inherent simplicity of the earlier creations. An uncomplicated, straightforward malt base, an interesting and punchy choice of hops, followed by perfectly executed fermentation. A killer beer to fuel your carnage. Though the toilet water thingy sounded interesting. He would later forward it to Nurse Ratchet from Accounting. Tony finally got up from his armchair and added his two cents to the minutes: "Nice to meet you. Now could you step aside a little, I'm trying to enjoy the sun."


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