Behind the Kettle: the origins of THE PATTAYA PARADIGM

Teenage kicks, so hard to beat. The beach is no place for a tender monkey. Orkas live there, and they love a bite of delicate humanoid flesh. Also tourists. Easy drinking for the the hard of drinking. Tony seemed out of touch, but felt lightyears ahead. This time, the beach was closed. He didn't quite fancy a re-run through the local bar scene. But sometimes there's a monkey. Sometimes, there's a monkey. And a revolution. Bring it on.

This super pale, light-bodied exotic buzz-delivery device has been tastelessly flavoured up to get all the good stuff down you just like that. Pretty precocious. Slightly naughty. No reservations. Go figure.


Engelse Wandeling 2 K8K

8500 Kortrijk

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